Overview: Create multiple products with variants in colors & sizes by importing a CSV file.

1. From the main menu, navigate to Products and select Import Products

2. The screen that follows will be displayed.
3. To access a product import template, click here.

4. The Readme section in the downloaded template explains which fields must be filled out.

5. Fill in all of the columns on sheet 1 as needed and save it.

6. Click on click here to upload the products, the file will be displayed in a local folder where you can select it.

7. To import the products data, click the Upload button once you have selected the file.

  • The system will then process the data from the uploaded file and display an error message if the same SKU appears on any of the products (it may come from the saved items in the system or it could be from the records stored in the uploaded file).
  • Once all input criteria have been met, a success message indicating the products have been uploaded should appear.