GRN stands for "Good received note." Upon receiving the goods from the supplier, we will confirm the stock received for the given GRN and we will verify the purchase order. Our system will be updated with the stock received through GRN. 

Step 1: GRNs
  1. Navigate to the main menu, select Purchase/Receiveand go to New GRNs.

The screen that follows will appear.

Step 2: New GRN
  1. This will take you to a page where you can look up the name of the Supplier to whom you've issued the Purchase Order.

  • *Supplier: Select supplier details from the drop-down list. 

  • Optional: Enter any supplier's advice note.
  • *Choose a delivery address and click Save.

When you click the Save button, Modulus will save your GRN and generate a unique reference number with the status "GRNing."

Step 3: Lines
  1. Look for the purchase order or select one from the list. 
  • You can also import the lines using the import option. Follow Step 3.1Background pattern 
Description automatically generated 


Step 3.1: Import Lines:
  1. Click the import button to download the template.



  • 2. Fill out the downloaded template sheet with the product information and then upload the file by clicking the Import Lines option.

Step 4: Allocation

Press enter after entering the quantity of products received. 

  • If the ordered quantity matches the quantity received, the GRN should be allocated.
  • The GRN should not be allocated if the ordered quantity is greater than the received quantity.



Print the receipt by clicking on the print button.


Consider a scenario in which we place a purchase order for 10 jeans (different sizes). Once the stock has been provided, the supplier will deliver it to the address specified in the purchase order. After receiving stock of 10 jeans, the warehouse supervisor will verify stock and issue the GRN as required. 


The GRN is a Good Received Note, which is typically attached to stock received from a supplier.