The details of the stock that has been recorded as damaged can be found in this page.

This screen displays list of stock information that is marked as Damaged to prevent it from being available for selling across channels from the selected store/location/warehouse. In such a case, units given are transferred from your Stock In Hand into your Damaged Quantity. When you enter negative numbers, you will bring back the stock from Damaged Quantity to Stock In Hand

This article explains how to look for damaged stock and record a damaged stock.

1. From the main menu, navigate to Stock Control and select Stock Damaged.
2. The following screen will be displayed to the user:

Search for stock damage:

1. Use the fields below to find records of stock damage

  • Store: Select the store from the pulldown menu
  • Search: Using this field you can search the records by giving part or full values of stock code, product title.

2. After selecting the appropriate store and/or entering the search parameters:

  • Click the Search button to narrow the results.
  • By clicking the Reset button, all fields are cleared and the search form is left empty.
  • New records can be inserted into the Stock Damaged list by clicking on the New button.

3. All damaged stock records will be displayed in a grid under the following fields.

  • Branch
  • Stock Code
  • Description
  • Stock in Hand
  • Damaged

  • The sort icon present on the column header allows you to sort values in ascending or descending order in the grid.
  • The top left corner of the grid has a pulldown menu that lets you control the number of records displayed.

  • You can export the data into an excel sheet by using the export buttonpresent at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Page navigation is available at the bottom right corner of the grid.

Record Stock Damage:

1. To add stock damage to the list, click the +Add New button.

2. The following fields need to be filled out with the stock that needs to be recorded as damaged.

  • Store: Select where you wish to record the stock as damaged using the pull down menu.
  • Stock Code: Enter the unique code of the item.
  • Damaged Qty: Enter the number of items you wish to place in damaged or remove from damaged.
  1. The products can be added to the damaged items by simply entering the number. By doing this, the Damaged Qty of a product with the given number increases while the Stock In Hand decreases.
  2. To release products from damaged state, use the - (Minus) prefix. As a result, the damaged quantity of a product is reduced by the given number, while the Stock In Hand is increased by the same number.
  • Reason: Use the pulldown menu to select a reason for recording stock damage.

3. Once the form is filled:

  • To save the entry and add another record, select Save & New.
  • To save the record and close the pop up, click Save & Close.
  • Choosing Cancel will not save the changes made to the product, and closes the pop-up window.