Overview: The page allows you to search and export reports based on the department of a product, brand, and category/subcategory.

The article describes how to search for and export a report by department. It follows the same steps for searching and exporting reports by any other segment.

1. From the main menu, navigate to Reports v3 and select By Dept.

2. The following screen will appear after you select the reports by department.

3. Location: Choose the store where you want the report to be generated.

4. Start Date/End date: Manually entering the start or end date, you can select the dates for your report.

  • Dates can be entered into start date and end date fields by clicking on the calendar icon.
  • The timeframe button allows you to fill in the start and end dates.

5. Once the details are filled:

  • Click on Preview button to generate report.
  • You can reset all fields by clicking on the Reset button.

6. The system will create a report based on your selection.

7. In order to print the report, click File and then select Print from the menu bar or click the Print button in the right corner.

8. The report can be viewed in a default view and page view by selecting view from the menu bar.

9. Using the export option in the menu bar, you can also export the report in multiple formats.

10 . By clicking or by entering the page number, you can navigate between different pages.