Overview: This modulus page allows you to view Sales orders categorized by each till point (EPOS).

1. From the main menu, navigate to Sales/Orders and click Flowboard from the Sales Instore.


2. The next screen shows sales orders with the Receipt number, salesperson, and sales.

3. You can adjust the number of records appearing on the screen by using the pull-down menu.
4. In the top right corner, there is a refresh button that allows you to update the screen. Click this        button to fetch any changes.

5. The pagination bar allows you to navigate between different pages.

6. An order inquiry page opens when you click on the eye icon. 

7. If you click on the export button next to each tile, you can export the data to an 

   excel spreadsheet. 

8. On the Receipt number and Sales person tile, you can sort the data in ascending or 

   descending order using the sort icon.