Overview:  Based on the order value, SKU, and Active Checkout options, this Checkout Setup screen assists you in pre-filtering the orders that need to proceed with the checkout process.

Active Checkout>>> It helps in avoiding orders from skipping the checkout process.

Note:  Orders should avoid the checkout process if Active Checkout is OFF, unless the SKU or Order Value filters are empty.


Navigate to the main menu, and select Checkout Settings. The following screen will appear once you clicked.

Option 1:


If you want all the orders to go through the checkout process, then ON the  Checkout Active and click Save as shown below.

Note : Once you saved the Active checkout  you can't able to enter values in SKU's and Order value filters, because every order should go through the checkout process.

Option 2:

If you want to skip the checkout process for all orders, then OFF the checkout process and click Save as shown below

Option 3: 

If you want some orders to go through the checkout process while skipping, you can filter by SKU or Order Value. Please see below for reference.

From the above screenshot, you can see only the orders with the YMP120 SKU or the Order value equal to 10 or above 10 will go through the checkout process.


You can view logs that have recently changed on this screen by using History.