OverviewThe purpose of this build order is to build the stock for a SKU in a selected location and bin. Allocated Build means that the user can pre allocate the stock from a specific batch and a specific bin. 


Go to Warehousing and select New Build Order from Build Orders tab 

Step 1:


Once you select the New Build Order, then you will be taken to the screen as shown below.

Step 2:

  1. Enter the values in  Location, WIP-BIN, Scheduled on, SKU, Units to Build fields.
  2. Once you enter the SKU then kitting SKU's will be displayed under the Details of SKU grid
  3. Choose and Save the kitting SKU

4. Select the SKU under details 

5. The stock details with the batch numbers are displayed under the grid once you have chosen the SKU from the details. The stock allocation from various batches is shown in the screenshot below, but it should match up to the number of units to be built.

6. Click Add to Build button to save the details. 

7. Picklist buttons allow you to print the picklist and change the status to "Picked." So you can loads the order in the scanner.

8. Label allows you to check the label for the BUild order 

9. Click on Go Build button


Once you click on the Go Build button, the status will change to Ready to Build. 

10. Once you have completed the build order, then click on the Ready to Build button. 

Step 3: Buttons

New button helps you to create new build Order 

Save button helps you to save the build order 

Using the Delete button you can delete the build order before clicked on the Go build button 

Reset Details buttons helps to reset the details on header level