Overview: This screen allows you to add and remove products from the Amazon in bulk or individually.

1. Browse to the products from the main menu and click "Add/Remove to Amazon".

2. The following Add/Remove Products screen appears.

3.Search for products:

The fields listed below can be used to find products based on their mapped status.

  • Channel: Select the channel where the products needs to be added or removed
  • Search: Enter the keys in SKU,  Product title in part or full to filter the results 

      After selecting the channel and entering the search parameters:

  • Click the Search button to narrow the results.

If the mapped status is NO, products that aren't available on the Amazon will appear in the grid.

You can add the product to the Amazon by clicking the add

If the mapped status is Yes, products that are available on the web will appear in the grid.

You can remove the product form the web by clicking the remove 

4. Click the Bulk Add/Remove button if you want to add/remove items in bulk..

The features listed below will be displayed. 

  •  To access a product import template, click on Template button.
  •  Fill in all of the columns on sheet as needed and save it. 
  •  Click on the Upload button to upload the file that was chosen.
  •  The system will then process the data from the uploaded file, Once all input criteria have been met, a success message indicating the products have been uploaded should appear.