Overview: This helps you to configure the Printers to print labels using BPQ app.

Step 1: Open Tablet and Search Printers & Scanners 

The following screen will appear once you click on Printers & Scanners

Step 2: Click on Add device button to add a new printer and Click Add manually link

The following popup displays

Step 3: Choose the option Add a printer using an IP address or hostname and click Next button

Step 4:  The following screen will appear 

  • Choose the Device type to TCP/IP Device
  • Enter IP address in Hostname or IP address field 
  • Click Next button

Step 5: Additional Port information required popup will appear

  • Select Generic Network Card in a Standard device type and click Next button 

The following screen will appear

  • Select the Manufacturer and Printer and click Next button 
  • The following sceen will appear

  • Click Next button after choosing Use the driver that is currently installed from the above screen 
  • The following Type a Printer name screen will appear 

  • Enter the printer name and click Next button 
  • The following Printer Sharing Screen will appear 

  • Select Do not share this printer and click Next button

  • Set as default printer if required and click Finish button 

Step 6: Printing Preferences 

  • Once you finish the printer setup then set the preferences 

  1. Click on Printing preferences. The popup will appear 
  2. Set the Paper Format to mm
  3. Set the wedth and Height in Size as per the Label(Here taking 40 * 40 for Blisters)
  4. Then Click Apply 
  5. Click OK to close the window 

Then print the test page to see whether it prints as expected 

Look at the below sample printed test page from the printer (40 * 40)

     Step 7: Go to Bay pick Queue App in tablet and setup the printer. 

  • Click Set Cons. tab to select the printer 
  • Select the printer from the drop down and save