OverviewA customer's data is displayed on this screen of modulus after it has been entered into the system, either by a customer or by staff at the point of sale.

Using this article, you will learn how to search for a customer, export their information, and analyze the details of their sale.

1. Navigate to Customers and click Search Customers

2. It displays the following screen to the user.

3. To find a customer, follow these steps:

  • Branchs: Enter the branch where you are looking for customer information.
  • Search: In the search field, enter the full or half name of the customer.
  • Tags: The customer's key tags should be entered here.

4. Once all information has been entered:

  • You can filter the results by clicking the Search button.
  • The reset button will remove all entries from the search fields.

5. Using the sort iconat the column header, you can sort the values in the grid in ascending or descending order.

6. Using the pulldown at the upper left corner of the grid, you can control the number of records that appear in the grid.

7. By clicking the top right corner of the grid, you will be able to download the spreadsheet.

8. To navigate between pages, use the pagination in the bottom right corner of the grid.