This screen provides an overview of all purchase orders in your system.

Step 1: Navigation
  • Select the Purchase/Receive option from the main menu
  • On the Purchase Orders page, click Adv.Search 

The screen that follows will appear. 

Step 2: Purchase Order Search

To filter the data from purchase orders, fill in the fields below.

  • Supplier
  • Department
  • Created By
  • PO Status
  • Stock Code (part/full)
  • Product Title
  • Deliver To
  • Notes
  • Quantity
  • From Date
  • To Date

Click on the "Search" button to narrow down the results into a grid.

Select Purchase Order Summary from the drop-down menu to get the Purchase Order Summary.

Select Purchase Order Details from the drop-down menu to get the purchase order details.

By clicking the Reset button, all search fields will be cleared and the forms will be left blank.

Using the sort icon at the column header, you can sort the values in the grid in ascending or descending order.


Using the pulldown at the upper left corner of the grid, you can control the number of records that appear in the grid.


You can download the spreadsheet for purchase orders in the grid in Excel by clicking the export button in the top right corner of the grid.


To navigate between pages, use the pagination in the bottom right corner of the grid.