After creating the SKU in Sage and adding it to Modulus, the first step is to create a kitting SKU, which can be created over an existing SKU. Once SKU is available in Modulus, you can create kitting by using the screen called Kitting 

Kitting Setup Process Flow: 

Step 1: Navigation

Navigation to Kitting screen, Go to D2C/Website Menu>>>>>Operations>>>>>>Kitting


  • The following screen will appear once you click on Kitting icon 

  • Click New button to open Kitting setup window 

  • Key in all the fields and click Save & New or Save & Close button. 
  • To search the kitting, click on Search button after keying value in a Search field 

  • To reset the value that keyed in a search field, click Reset button 


  • To export all the kitting’s, click download icon 


Kitting: It is a group of products that contribute to the creation of a final product that can be sold. 

e.g., when a user buys a laptop, it usually comes with a charger and a bag. These additional items are called support products, as they contribute to the creation of the final product, which in this case is the laptop. The combination of the laptop and its supporting products is referred to as a kitting product.

BOM: It is similar to the kitting, but in BOM user wont do any action

Bundle Products: It is a collection of various products that the user can sell as a combo