Overview: Stock transfer is the process of moving items from one location to another. You can precisely transfer stock from one location to another with the help of this screen in Modulus. Using the Stock Transfer Screen, you can move stock at the bin level.  

Step 1: Navigation

Go to Stock Control menu and select New Transfer (predefined) from Stock Transfers tab 

The following screen appears 

Step 2: Create Stock Transfer

  1. Key in the values in the From, To, and Bin fields.
  2. Key in the stock code that needs to be transferred in the Stockcode field.
  3. With all the information, you can view the stock information for the SKU.
  4. Key in the value in the To Transfer field 
  5. Click on Add to transfer button


   6.  Click Save button to create a Stock Transfer

   7.  If you want to delete the transfer, click on Delete button 




  • When the Stock Transfer is created in Modulus, the data will be transmitted to Sage, and a transfer will be created in Sage. If you want to delete the transfer in Modulus, please revert the stock in Sage first and delete the transfer in Modulus. 

ExampleIf the Stock Transfer has been created from Main A to Luton, then 

The stock will then be held in Sage in an unspecified bin until you initiate the transfer in Modulus.

  • Once a transfer has been initiated, it should not be deleted.

Step 3: Initiate Transfer and Received the Transfer 

  1. Click on Inititate Transfer button to initiate the created transfer 
  2. Once the Stock has been received in To Locatoin click on Mark as Received button