• Using this screen, you can add products from Shopifyto Modulus. This only works when the product is available in Shopify but not in Modulus.

    Step 1:Navigation
    • Navigate to Products  
    • Click Add from Shopify icon from External data

    The following screen will appear 

    Step 2

    1. Select the Channel and Enter the Product SKU in a Search field and click search 
    2.  The screen looks like the following.
    3. Click on Add icon to add the product to the Modulus
    4. If the SKU isn't listed on the grid after search, menas it either already existed in Modulus or it doesn't exist in Sage.
    5. Click on Shopify Icon next to the Add icon redirects you to Product in shopify
    6. On the screen, you can adjust the number of records displayed using the pull down menu. 

    7.  The pagination window in the bottom right corner of the screen allows you to browse  between pages. 
    8. The sort icon present on each tile allows the data to be sorted ascending or descending order.