OverviewThis screen helps you check the list of all SKUs configured to go to BayPick

Step 1: Navigation
  1. Go to Configuration from the main menu.

  2. Click the SKU to Bay Pick icon from the configuration.

The following screen will appear:

Step 2:

  1. Enter the value (SKU) in the search field to filter the SKU's, or just click on the search button to display the list of SKUs.

    2. To add anything new to this list, please contact the support desk. 

    Note: Any SKU out of this will come to Screenpick

Step 3:
  • The Reset button clears the data under the grid and in the search field.  
  • The sort icon present in the column header allows you to sort values in ascending or descending order in the grid.
  • The top left corner of the grid has a pulldown menu that lets you control the number of records displayed.
  • You can export the data to an Excel spreadsheet by clicking on the export button present at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Page navigation is available at the bottom-right corner of the grid.