This screen helps you to upload the orders to despatch. 

Step 1: Sales Search
  • Select the Sales/Orders option from the Main menu. 
  • On the  Yumove UK/ Lintbells.com, click Upload Order Tracking 

The following screen will appear 

Step 2: 
  1. Click on the Template button to download the template 
  2. By clicking the Reset button, all fields will be cleared and the forms will be left blank.
  3. Fill in the Order information in the downloaded template and save 
  4. Fill the Fulfilled By field 
  5. Upload the saved template by using clicking the Choose file button 
  6. Click on the Upload button 
  7. Verify the uploaded order's status to see if it became despatched in Modulus. 
  8. If there are any errors when uploading the data, they are displayed under the grid.