1. Go to Products > Add/Remove Amazon screen
  2. Click on the RED icon to download the templated product listing file
  3. Add it to Flat-File-Listing-Importer template from Amazon
  4. Save and upload to Amazon Seller Central.
  5. Get the Processing Report from Amazon Seller Central.
  6. Now we need to update Modulus so it knows about the SKUs updated with Amazon Seller Central successfully. 
  7. To do this, In Add / Remove Amazon screen, download the template: clicking on Bulk Add/Remove button > Template button. You should get an excel template downloaded on to your PC.    
  8. Now, Copy and paste the successful SKUs from Processing Report (from Step 5) into the excel template downloaded.
  9. Fill the template with SKUs (ignore Column C)
  10. In channel code column  enter A0101 (copy to all rows)
  11. Save the file and upload (click on Choose File in Modulus, choose the file from your PC and click on Upload)


  • White background Amazon icon  - give you all inventory + pricing update that are currently in the queue right now into Amazon upload-able format
  • Amber background Amazon icon – give you a copy of your entire inventory + price file to update that you can upload to Amz
  • Red background icon – gives you products in Amazon’s required template to create new listings on Amazon