This article's goal is to discuss how to list new products on eBay, link those listings to Modulus, and describe how orders flow between Modulus and eBay. Cancel Orders, and despatch updates from Modulus to Sage and eBay

Step 1: Listing new products on eBay


  • Log in to your eBay Seller Hub and create your Listing as per eBay guidelines  
  • Publish your Listing and record the Listing Links to send to Modulus support                                                 
Step 2: Linking eBay listings to Modulus
  • Now, email eBay Listings to Modulus support 
  • Advice them when you want to launch the product
  • Make sure they are valid products from Sage 
  • The support team confirms back eBay Listing linked to Modulus
  • From this point, you should notice eBay inventory updated automatically through Modulus 
Step 3: Order from eBay
  •  When the customer places an order on eBay, Modulus receives the order automatically for processing 

  • You will be able to see the Order in Lintbells.com Flowboard in Modulus. Please follow the navigation shown below

  • Below is how the flowboard looks

Step 4: Order Fulfilment----Modulus
  • Order status is Downloaded at the time of download into Modulus
  • Order status changes to Picking once the invoice is printed
  • Orders in red on the Flowboard indicate that the status is On Hold 
  • When a picker has completed picking an order, he scans the barcode on the printed invoice, at which point the order status changes to Ready To Despatch
  • You can see the Ready To Despatch orders are displayed in green in the last column.
  • Orders have been changed to the Despatched status once you click on the "Orders picked up by Courier" button on the right bottom  

Note: When the order is in "downloaded" status, you can go to the Order Enquiry screen and despatch the order by clicking the Despatch Order button.

Step 5: Cancelling eBay Order 

To cancel the Order you need to follow 2 steps:  

1. Cancel in Modulus 

2. Cancel in eBay to give a customer refund 

To cancel in Modulus Go to Sales/Orders>>>>>View 

  • It redirects you to Order Enquiry Screen once you click on View

 The following screen will appear Enter the Order number in the search field to get the following information, 

  1. Order Information
  2. Order details
  3. Customer details
  4. Payment & Others
  5. Shipping Details  

  •   To cancel the Order using the Order Enquiry screen click on the Cancel Order button 

Note: You can also go to the Order Enquiry screen from the Lintbells.com flowboard. You can use                either way from Flowboard or from the Sales/Orders menu 

Step 6: Despatch updates to eBay and Sage
  • Modulus sends despatch updates to Sage and eBay once the Order has been Despatched
  • You need to check whether the Order has been created in Sage and whether the status for the Order is  Despatched 
  • Check the Order status in eBay whether it changed to Despatched