Overview: This article explains the fields in Inventory Lookup screen.

Figure 1>>>Inventory management of a product(Hold, Adjusted, Damaged, Shrinkage, Received and Sold )


 Branch: This states that for which branch the product belongs to 

 Stock Code: This field helps to find the stock code(SKU) of a product

 Product Title: Title of the Product 

 Opt. : 

Stock: This field helps to find the current available stock. For example, in the above                        screenshot, we can see that the received quantity is 481, and the quantity on hold               is 10. Therefore, the stock available is 471.

On Hold: This shows the On Hold quantity 

Shrink. : This shows the shrinkage quantity

Adjusted: This shows the Adjusted quantity 

Damaged: This shows the Damaged quantity 

Rec.d: It is a Received quantity that has been allocated from the GRNs (for example, in            the above screenshot, the Received quantity is 481).

Sold: This field helps to determine the number of products sold for a specific product. 

Note: If you click on the links provided in the field values, you will be redirected to a specific file.