Overview: Bin-to-Bin transfer is the process of moving items from one Bin to another within the same Location. You can precisely transfer stock from one Bin to another with the help of this screen in the warehousing application


Create a Bin-to-Bin Transfer:

Use these steps to move a product's inventory between bins:

  • Navigate to the Transfers module and click on it 
  • Go to Bin to Bin tab
  • Key in From Bin and Reasons
  • Tap the Qty button 
  • Enter the quantity and stock code (Stockcode/CaseBarcode/EAN/GS128) 
  • Fill in the To Bin
  • Tap on Create Transfer.
  • A notification will confirm that your transfer was a success


1. Both the From Bin and To Bin should be from the same location as the device

2. In the Qty Popup, you can enter product stockcode/ Barcode/ EAN/GS128 in StockCode field

3. When scanning a GS128 or Case barcode to the StockCode field, the quantity will be added with the case quantity, and when scanning a Stockcode or EAN barcode, the quantity will be added with the number of qty added in a Quantity field.